Most Solemn Oath

Most Solemn Oath
The most solemn oath I took was to survive.
To thrive, in an out of adversity, then & now.
However, I never recognized the crowds.
Crowds of depending symbiotic atoms,
Circulating around as elements depicting?
Depictions of my mausoleum capturing I.
Encapsulated images of everyone memories but why.
My very own image was restricting.
There was no #SELFIE I could find.
Until I realized the sculptured #Tomb had me #Confined.
“Let me out!” I said.
With a thunderous loud pitch.
“O…what a #Journey she lead.” Proclaimed a memorial visitor.
What year is it?
Where Am I?
Who are you?
Unaware my brain 🧠 had been stored in #CLOUD.
During this data storage, to be activated indefinitely,
Eminent credibility infinitely.
Amongst symbiotic relationships and whom I was symbiotic partner and proud.
Very hard to undress my own #MostSolemnOath.
On the cloud ⛅️ I wrote.
Daylight & Midnight 🕛
Doroth¥ McQu€£N

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